Site-Based Mentor Program

Ignite Your Potential Through The Power Of Mentorship

BBSVC’s Site-Based Mentor Program inspires leadership, life and social skills, and professional development. We facilitate and nurture the potential of youth and understand that young people are the LEADERS and the SOLUTION!

High School students are encouraged to join BBSVC’s Site-Based Mentor Program to

  • Become a role model to others
  • Create a peer-to-peer support system
  • Transform themselves and the world around them
  • Discover their passion
  • Build community awareness on topics that are important to them

Ready To Apply?

BBSVC’s Site-Based Mentor Program is a staff-supervised, group model that occurs at the same day and time on a weekly basis, at a common location. Mentors meet with youth at a site familiar to them, which is usually – but not always – a school campus, virtual login, or youth room. BBSVC’s Site-Based Mentor Program often involves an educational or career focus but is not restricted to education, and also includes enrichment opportunities. It is a group dynamic, but also dedicates time to consistent one-to-one match meetups.

For High School Students

Both student and parent/guardian will need to fill out the application. A letter of reference is also required.

For Continuing High School Mentors

It’s easy for students and parents/guardians to come back after a break: fill out the abbreviated application here!

For Elementary & Middle School Students

English Version

Para Estudiantes De Primarias & Secundarias

Version De Espanol

What Mentor Program do you want to explore?

High School Mentor Program

In-person / Site-supervised
High school students mentoring elementary or middle school students; The program follows a weekly curriculum based in S.T.E.A.M. that allows for diverse exploration through enrichment activities, speakers, field trips, and discussions.

Bank of America Professional Mentorship

Virtual and In-person
High school students are matched with representatives from Bank of America’s corporate offices. Together, matches go through assigned curriculum and mentees check in with their mentors on the lesson as well as social/emotional learning. Program will include scheduled, in-person meetups and site visits/field trips.

College Mentor Program

Virtual and In-person / Site-Supervised
High school students are matched with college/university students; they spend part of their meetups doing tutoring and also check in with their mentors on the lesson as well as social/emotional learning. Program will include scheduled, in-person meetups and site visits/field trips. 


In-person / Site-supervised
High school students paired with one another to support each other through the high school experience.

BBSVC Youth Leadership Council

In-person & Virtual / Site-supervised
A group mentor experience where youth identify community issues and work to affect/improve these issues while building youth empowerment, and discovery. BBSVC’s Leadership Program is run virtually in order to ensure county-wide access by youth, with occasional in-person meetup opportunities.

BBSVC's Get Outside Program

In-person / Site-supervised
Elementary and middle school students are matched with high school students, college students, and members of partner outdoor activity groups. Individual group themes include topics like sports, environmentalism, or urban exploration. Some locations provide weekend meetup opportunities.