This program is for busy professionals or seniors who can spend one lunch per week with a child at an elementary school. Adult mentors 18 and older are paired with a child aged 5 – 12 and meet once per week during the school year and for group events over the summer when school is not in session. Each match is based on shared interests and personality with a focus on literacy, math, and other social, recreational and organization skills necessary to succeed in school.


Based at both Santa Paula and Fillmore High Schools, this program matches upper grade students with students who need help academically or socially to be successful and graduate on time. Peer Mentors are trained to work with other students to determine language, social or other barriers to success and help them navigate the oftentimes difficult years of high school.


This program matches high school volunteers with elementary students for a minimum of one year. Our goal is to facilitate character and social development as the match develops. Matches participate in one-to-one mentoring, among a group setting, for a minimum of one hour per week, with supervision from a program manager. High school Bigs experience the joy and life-changing power of service, build college resumes, and may receive school credit. Littles have the opportunity to connect with a role model close to their own age whom they identify with strongly as they learn about community service and mentoring. With the help of our community partners, we’re able to provide supplemental enrichment activities for our students. We nurture education-focused partnerships to help students develop grade appropriate skills.