Community-Based Mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters’ program, where Bigs over 21 and Littles, from 6 – 15 get together on their own to share fun activities they both enjoy. *(Once in the program matches can stay until the little is 21). The Community Program is flexible to accommodate a variety of schedules. Volunteers meet with a child for two to four hours, two to four times a month for a minimum of one year. Consistency and commitment are the cornerstones of this program.

An assortment of activity options and ideas are provided along with the training and support of a professional Big Brother Big Sisters Match Support Specialist to ensure a positive experience for both the child and volunteer. Getting together is a great time for both the Big and the Little. It doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activities; just a few hours every month to share the simple things you already like to do. Things like…

* Shooting baskets

* Playing a board game

* Sharing a pizza

* Taking a walk in the park

* Attending a sporting event

* Or just spending time together and talking

Bigs can meet with their Littles on the weekends or get together with their Littles during the week after school or in the evenings. Each match is unique and develops a schedule that works for them.


The Foster Mentoring Program matches adults over 21 with children living in group homes, foster or kinship care on a one to one basis for a minimum of one year. Youth can be matched from age 6 – 17 and can stay in the program as long as they want and need a mentor. Focus is on developing trust and providing foster youth with the life skills and emotional support needed to successfully transition into independent living.