“We believe that individually we can change the life of one Little, but together we will make a Big Impact in the lives of many Littles.”


AGES 5-7
  • Bake and frost cut out cookies
  • Fly a kite on a windy day
  • Go on a walk and collect interesting rocks, leaves or other items
  • Feed the ducks at the park
  • Make a present for someone special
  • Play UNO, Crazy 8s, or Old Maid
  • Play badminton or croquet
  • Go for a walk and find interesting places to practice “balancing”
  • Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnic
  • Visit a pet store and decide which is the oddest pet
  • Go on a Big or Little hunt and collect all things with the words Big or Little in them.
  • Cloud watch on a bright summer day

AGES 8-10
  • Start a scrapbook with a page for pictures of favorite things
  • Go on a camera scavenger hunt to find odd objects to photograph
  • Make greeting, get well, or holiday cards for special people
  • Make a bug cage and catch lightning bugs together
  • Visit the zoo at feeding time
  • Read a selected book out loud and tape record it
  • Play miniature golf or go bowling
  • Play Monopoly, Life, Sorry, or hangman
  • Go on a field trip to the museum – focus on one exhibit and discuss it
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Make a lemonade or a hot cocoa stand – learn basic business principles
  • Got to the library together
  • Participate in seasonal activities – go apple picking, carve a pumpkin, make a snowman, go puddle jumping, paint Easter eggs

AGES 11-13
  • Watch a TV program and identify negative stereotypes
  • Look up your state on the Internet: what is the major industry?
  • Build and paint a bird house – watch for occupants
  • Rent rollerblades and learn to skate, safely
  • Make a list of people you admire – look them upon the Internet
  • Take a long ride on public transportation to the end of the line
  • Visit the SPCA and offer to walk the dogs
  • Mow the lawn or wash the car together
  • Play computer and video games together
  • Participate in a community service activity to show your Little the importance of giving back
  • Plan or plant a garden or visit a community garden and offer to help

AGES 14-16
  • Research what happened on the day and year each of you was born
  • Figure out how to program your VCR
  • Visit the fish market, meat market or other place where food is not prepackaged
  • Check out the classified advertisements and discuss what each job requires in terms of education and experience
  • Go out for dinner at an ethnic restaurant – who else is eating there? What is your favorite dish?
  • Explore a new radio station together – discuss ads and target audience
  • Plan and shop for ingredients to cook dinner together
  • Go to a concert featuring a favorite performer
  • Try mastering something difficult: juggling, cooking a soufflé, water color painting
  • Watch a professional or semi-professional sporting event
  • Talk about what’s in today’s newspaper
  • Buy ten shares of stock in an inexpensive company that your Little will recognize and watch it make or lose money


  • Match Card
  • Official BBSVC T-Shirts for Big and Little
  • Wheel Fun Rentals “Bike Buddies” Card
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  • Following BBSVC on Instagram to share your picture updates of your Big and Little activities

Community Partners


Check out some of the fun activities offered by our local community partners!

BIG Thanks to those businesses that have partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County to offer a generous discounts and BIG experiences for our Bigs and Littles.

Is your business interested in participating?  Contact Danica Selvaggio at to get involved!

In order to receive a discount at these Ventura County locations:

  • The Big and Little must present their Big Brothers Big Sisters identification card or co-branded voucher to the staff at the establishment.  If you do not have a identification card, please call your Match Support Specialist at 805.484.2282
  • The Big and Little must visit the place of business together and the benefits of the discount are limited to the Big and Little only.


Big Orientation
Offers Potential Bigs an introduction to what it means to be a Big. The informal, 1 hour setting will take you through the enrollment steps, and give you a look at the process from the inside out. Interested in connecting?  Call or email 805.484.2282 or to RSVP.

Big Training
An in depth look at child safety training and building a bond for all those that have submitted applications and have cleared background checks. Usually held in the middle or end of each month; individual arrangements may be made. Training days and times provided upon completion of enrollment.

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  • Fillmore High School Mentoring Program
  • Santa Paula High School Mentoring Program
  • Lemonwood After School Program
  • Simi Valley Evening Center